Measurements of electromagnetic fields

The Environmental Research Laboratory conducts accredited measurements of electromagnetic fields (EM fields) in the work environment and for the purposes of environmental protection for the following groups of devices:

Medical apparatus:
– apparatus for electrosurgery;
– therapeutic, short-wave and microwave diathermies;
– magnetotherapy devices;
– magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners.

Power engineering:
– voltage transmission lines;
– power stations;
– overhead and indoor switchgears.

– induction heaters;
– welders;
– exciters;
– EDM machines;
– welding apparatus.

Outside the scope of accreditation, we also carry out the following works:

– professional training in the field of safe work in presence and exposure to electromagnetic fields;
– advice on the development of a program for the application of protective measures;
– marking the range of protection zones, sources of electromagnetic field (EMF) and rooms;
– assessment of hazards resulting from electromagnetic fields.

Below is the detailed scope of our laboratory's accreditation:

Scope of accreditation of the Research Laboratory AB 409