The use of the environment as part of business activity is allowed after obtaining appropriate permits issued by the relevant environmental protection authorities. We offer comprehensive services in the development of documentation imposed by environmental law as well as acts and regulations.
We offer you the following services:
  • New investments / extensions

    • Preparation of reports on the impact of projects on the environment for decisions on environmental conditions
    • Preparation of project information cards

  • Applications for the issuance/amendment of integrated permits (IPPC)

    • Preparation of applications for issuing an integrated permit
    • Development of initial reports

  • Atmospheric air protection

    • Permits for the introduction of dust and gases into the air
    • Applications for installations that do not require a permit
    • Determination of pollutant emission factors for installations, devices, energy and technological emitters based on measurements of flue gas parameters

  • Noise protection:

    • expertise in the field of impact assessment of planned industrial investments
    • expertise in the field of location of construction investments and building acoustics

  • Waste management:

    • applications for a permit to generate waste
    • applications for obtaining a permit to conduct activities in the field of: recovery, disposal, collection and transport of waste
    • reporting the operation of installations that do not require a permit to generate hazardous and non-hazardous waste

  • Water and sewage management:

    • water law permits for specific use of water
    • water law permits for the discharge of water and sewage into sewage systems
    • water law permits for the discharge of rainwater