What we doing ?

Ekoprojekt's research laboratory provides services in the field of measurements, tests and physicochemical analyses. We carry out work for the needs of environmental protection law and occupational health and safety law. We help in solving problems related to the technical aspects of your business.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the services we offer in the fields of:

  • measurements of harmful factors in the work environment;
  • measurements of emissions of dust and gas pollutants;
  • measurements of electromagnetic fields (EMF);
  • transport noise emission measurements;
  • measurements of noise emissions from installations, equipment and industrial plants;
  • testing of surface water, groundwater and sewage;
  • soil and sewage sludge testing;
  • waste compliance tests;
  • laboratory physicochemical analyses.

Our asset is our history. Since 1987 we provide services on the market of environmental protection and occupational health and safety. During this time, we have performed countless tests and measurements for thousands of customers.

The Research Laboratory of our organization offers a very wide range of accredited research methods in many fields. An extensive laboratory base and competent specialists give us the ability to comprehensively service your company in the field of measurements and analyzes required by the law on environmental protection and occupational health.