We owe the strength of our company primarily to people - responsible, creative, educated, constantly expanding their knowledge in the field of environmental protection thanks to numerous trainings in which they participate. It is our employees who are mainly responsible for the dynamic development of the company. Here they acquire new experience and skills, which is the result of long work on complex problems that are not lacking in our industry.
Our standard is to entrust employees with various projects, along with full freedom in implementing their own ideas, while ensuring the care and assistance of the direct supervisor.
Awareness of the importance of each employee in the construction process allows everyone to fully use their own capabilities, take on new challenges and acquire new skills. Mutual relations that we have built will allow us to take advantage of the rich experience of our long-term employees, and the invention of our new colleagues brings new solutions and allows for a new perspective on many activities.
We guarantee cooperation with a group of talented people, which is based on trust and respect.
If you want to join us, please send your CV and cover letter to the address: